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Our Mission Is To

  • Positively impact our customers’ health, fitness, and happiness
  • Positively impact our communities and the environment. Lead by corporate example.
  • Lead the revolution in beer for the modern adult, changing the beverage industry as a whole.


June, 2020 - Company responds to the death of George Floyd by donating over $70,000 to racial justice. Read the founders’ letter here.


January, 2021 - We’ve spent the last 8 months listening, learning, and reflecting. One thing is clear to us, our industry needs to do more. Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals are consistently left out of the craft beer community we love. A recent study completed by the Brewers Association found:

  • 88% of people who own a craft brewery are white
  • Just 7.5% of breweries employ a woman in a brewer role
  • Hispanic and BIPOC employees make up roughly 7% and 4% of brewery staff respectively

While we’ve always prided ourselves on being a welcoming and approachable brand, over the past six months, we conducted an internal assessment of our hiring practices, current employees, ambassadors and vendors. We endure the same challenges as our industry and our make-up does not reflect where we want to be as a company and the example we want to set for our craft beer community.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Action Plan: Defining our IMPACT

The following outlines the steps we plan to take to build a culture of diversity and inclusivity not only at Athletic Brewing, but in our industry and our broader community.


  • Data Collection & Auditing - if it isn’t measured, it isn’t done.
  • Hiring - we are rethinking our hiring process with a focus on recruiting a diverse candidate pool.
  • Collaboration - we are looking to collaborate with diverse voices on the leading edge of craft beer.
  • Training & Mentoring for Advancement - we are addressing the lack of diverse talent in the craft beer industry by creating opportunities for mentorship and advancement.
  • Ownership - all teammates begin earning equity (identically, uniformly) in the company from day one.
  • Moving Beyond Charitable Giving - simply writing a check isn’t enough. Impact is the basis of our efforts.


It starts with recruitment
We need to welcome new voices into the industry and the Athletic family. We are re-evaluating how we seek out and recruit candidates. We plan to take the following actions:

  • Post jobs in communities for traditionally under-represented folx.
  • Reach outside the craft beer industry, highlight the applicable skills that are transferable from other industries to this job.
  • Collaborate with partner organisations to share jobs with their communities.
  • Audit our job positing to make sure that we are using inclusive and welcoming language.
  • Build a culture that is safe and welcoming for traditionally under-represented employees by conducting regular training for our team.

What gets measured, gets done.
  • We will create a committee to measure and track progress as well as provide regular feedback and check-ins on how we are doing. The makeup of the committee will reflect what we want our team to look like in the future with a diverse group of voices at the table.
  • We will conduct an audit of our payroll to ensure Equal pay across gender, age, race, orientation, ability or other status.

Empowerment and Inclusion for Equitable Representation
  • We will work to build a management team that reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.
  • Promotion from within - we will create a pipeline in the company to build a diverse generation of leaders in craft beer.


At Athletic, we recognise that we can be doing more to use our platforms to uplift under-represented voices in our community. Through our external marketing channels, we plan to take the following actions:

  • Prioritise recruitment of traditionally under-represented voices
  • Build an ambassador, athlete and partner network rooted in intersectionality. In the craft beer space, women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals are all woefully under-represented and we aim to change that.
  • Support our diverse and inclusive team by investing in their stories and content projects to uplift traditionally under-represented voices and provide them with a platform.
  • Support events that aim to build a more inclusive active outdoor community.


Our goal is to lead by example and push the craft beer industry to be more inclusive and welcoming to all who work and want to work in it.

We’ve started by asking our vendors, contractors and partners to take anonymous surveys to provide an unbiased reflection of where we and our partners are at with the impact of our business and supply chain revenue. The survey tracks equality and representations in their organisations, their impact and charitable efforts.

We will conduct this survey annually and use it as an opportunity to have frank discussions with our vendors and partners on the importance of equity, diversity and inclusivity within the craft beer industry. Athletic Brewing is committed to leading by example and being a resource for other industry partners looking to be more inclusive and diverse.


We are extremely proud of our Two for the Trails program however we recognise the need to support non-profit organisations that work hard to promote the health and safety of all people in our communities regardless of gender, age, race, orientation, ability or other status. We call this initiative our IMPACT Program.

An additional 1% of revenue will be donated to non-profit organisations who are breaking barriers in communities worldwide, with a particular focus on transforming representation, opportunity, and inclusion in the craft brewing industry.

We will also go beyond the financials:
  • Organise student and young professional mentorships and opportunities with traditionally under-represented groups.
  • Get involved as a team to support IMPACT causes with regularly scheduled shut-down days to allow all brewery staff to participate.
  • Outside of shut-down days, team members will be encouraged to take additional paid time off in support of IMPACT causes.
When possible, our Two for the Trails program will seek to fund projects that serve traditionally under-represented communities. Learn more:

As a small stone landing in a big pond, we can have a massive and compounding impact. The effort does not end here. We will continue to push ourselves and those around us to create positive change for our customers, communities and industry.

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